Hi there, My Name is Mac. I was born & have been raised in Poland.


I have always loved Lego toys; I remember when I was kid, Lego was always very expensive & not easy to get hold of but with help of my parents I was able to save few coins to buy small sets from time to time.


Years have passed I grew up and had to focus on being adult, so I forgot about Lego for a while. At least until I've become a father and few years later I finally had good enough excuse to start collecting my own shiny bricks of limitless fun again.


It started with little & simple sets - mainly for my sons (and my of course) entertainment. But it quickly become addiction and within a year I have collected enough Lego to be able to start simple, custom builds. But, as many other custom builders before me I quickly realized - there is always not enough Lego. That means, whenever I wanted to build something new I had to destroy previous creations.

That's how I decided to make photos of them, to simply save my work.

When I was doing the adult stuff I did photography school and also done some simple graphic designs.

Now I am trying to use all that knowledge for Lego photography & to share with the world.


My favourite sets that I own so far are Lego Wall-e set (21303) - it is one of the sets that I will never take apart, despite the fact it has many great & useful parts.Lego Big Bang Theory set (21302) - I really like the TV series but the reason I got this set is mainly great selection of parts, looks great on display, it has very nice & generic living room design that can be used in many custom house builds as a template. Lego Angry Birds Pig City Teardown (75824) - Its unique, and different than normal sets and I love how much it captures from the movie. And its great for play. Lego City Garbage Truck (60118) - It has more realistic look than other sets, and its something different in City line than Police & Fire Departments set. I also like most of Creator sets - its great (especially for kids) to be able to build three different designs from one set, It helps them to develop imagination & creativity. And last, but not least is my collection of minifigures. I just love their unique looks, characters, face expressions, accessories. I only wish I've started collecting them earlier. Now not easy to find some for good price.


In future I will most probably focus on sets that have either great design or good selection of unique parts. I really look forward to get my hands on all new sets - They all look great, but I do have my favourites already. I have not yet established what type of photos I will do In future - I have so many ideas. In my photos I will definitely try to keep funny & cheerful character of Lego brand itself & will not do any serious or dark photos. After all, its all for children. My dream is that Lego will go back to Medieval themed sets. I love fantasy & history, knights, dragons etc. And I really wish I could collect more of medieval themed parts.



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